This Week’s Progress

Looks like it’s a good time for a short update on things I’ve accomplished this week.

B.A. Maddux AuthorI’ve designed and ordered business cards with my name and blog site on them, to be able to hand out as needed. It wasn’t too much work, just a little research followed by design and placing the order. Time consuming and slower for me being picky rather than strenuous. I’m happy to have them on the way.

I’ve also been examining making a version of the Lab Rat shirt I wore at Furry Fiesta available for anyone who might want it. I wont be making any big changes, just adjusting what the barcode says and also adding a QR code so folks with phones can scan it to get my website. Not sure how many folks use it, but I’ve had a few folks tell me they do it all the time. I believe I’ve gotten it arranged so it is usable without detracting from the design. I need to get one and test it to make sure the code works fine as it is on the shirt before I start offering them to the public, but I am concerned that the pricing will turn a lot of folks off.

The price without discount is steep for a shirt, but the ones I got previously were at a discount they were running at the time, and the website does occasionally offer as much as 50% discount on shirts ordered. Admittedly, the 50% off I had seen was still in the cold months of winter, so it may be over half a year before those discounts show up again for short-sleeved shirts, but I’ll try and keep folks up to date, as well as include a link through my website whenever I get things finalized.

I also picked up a custom business card holder so I can take my new business cards with me to future conventions. Tomorrow, I’ll be checking with my work to make sure I can get time off to go to RMFC 2013 at the beginning of August.

As always, as plans finalize, I’ll let folks know.

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