Furry Fiesta 2013

So, last month’s visit to Furry Fiesta 2013, was great. I got to see several friends that I had not seen in person for a while, meet a few new folks, and be in some discussions with fellow writers. It was my second full-blown furry convention, as well as the first since I got Lab Rat published, which let me learn some more about how to best approach conventions as an author.

Certainly, having made up the T-shirts with the cover art of my novel on the back and the title and my name on both front and back did get a couple of furs to ask me about it, which was the goal. But, in chatting with folks about it, I figured out that it would have been helpful to have had some business cards with that information on them to be able to hand out as well.
Furry Fiesta 2013 before badges

With my publisher not attending the convention this year, there were also no books available to be bought and then signed by me. If I had been thinking ahead I would have looked into having brought a few copies with me and tried to set up in the artists alley for a day – so even more learning.

I had arrived a day earlier than I planned, and after kicking around the hotel for a while, by Thursday morning and early afternoon I had extra time to kill. Luckily, my friend SableGriffon was able to suggest a good idea for playing tourist for the afternoon.

He suggested I go see the Dallas World Aquarium – and it was a good idea, and I had a great time moseying through looking at fish, turtles, sea horses, penguins, crabs, sharks, rays, frogs, monkeys, crocodiles and more. They all seemed well cared for and healthy.

I got back and lazed about and wandered around a little before and during Thursday night’s registration, getting my badge and packet and getting reacquainted with the feel and layout of the place.

Enough time and events have passed and I’m not going to be able to give a day by day run down of what all I did, but in overview, I had a great time.

I did get to see SableGriffon in person a few times as he was serving in his capacity as daytime security for the convention. Got a welcoming hug and gave a few “hang in there, I know it’s been a long day” ones to him in support. He dressed up well as a sheriff, though sadly I never thought to try and get a picture of him.

In fact, I did a poor job of getting photos all around. Too many distractions, I think, and I hadn’t – despite getting a few pictures with my phone at the aquarium – really gotten into touristy mode.

I got to see Majorra, Fin, and Rikku again. Majorra did a very cool sketch for me. I also met two of their roommates, though sadly, being told their names – at most – once and not writing them down, I have failed horribly to remember them. Which is not to say that I don’t remember the individuals, just not their names. Certainly, the visit to the sushi restaurant was enjoyable.

Another face I got to see again was Rocelin. We didn’t get to chat for too long, but it was good to get to say hi in person.

I made it to most (but not quite all) of the writing panels. I also got to chat with author Phil Geusz for a while. His experience with publishing novels on Amazon has given him insights he was happy to share.

I got to say hello to Rukis while getting her signature on my copy of ‘Heretic’. Would have liked to say more than just a quick hi, but didn’t want to hold up the busy traffic at her booth.

Also got to say hello to Blotch, buying a print. Again, didn’t stay and chat because others were wanting to look through and potentially buy.

I know there were others I chatted with and met, but sadly, my memory failed to maintain the details needed to name them all. It is my poor ability to remember names as well as a very busy three weeks worth of convention – followed by my first international vacation to London (which will be another journal) – which caused this, I think.

There were also several folks who I had hoped to get to say hello to, but missed meeting in person at the busy convention. But, there will be future conventions to try again, and maybe I’ll have gotten a spot in the con’s artist alley to make me an easier fur to find.

All in all, I had a great time chatting with furs I knew and just met. I enjoyed the panels I attended and the activities of the convention. I did register for the 2014 Furry Fiesta after the convention finished up, so maybe I’ll see you all there.

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